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Travel – We Miss it, and so do you. What will change?

So, we are sitting here in our quarantine much as you are, thinking often of travel, and how much we miss it. Well we aren’t alone, and if you’re reading this and thinking the same, neither are you. According to Piplsay 46% of Americans are going to hit the travel bags the second this quarantine and travel ban is lifted. That is a pretty sizable percentage. Yes, we know that survey didn’t hit every American in existence, but it’s still a population sample, and WE FEEL IT.

But yes, it does not feel all too great. Many people aren’t really looking to experience that travel abroad vibe either, in fact, it is much less 25% of people who want to travel said they would not be comfortable going overseas. The bright side: travel cold very well be very cheap. But there are dozens of questions surrounding the future of travel. While we won’t cover ever single concern around the world there are a few that we will dive into here:

  • Where does one go?
  • How do we stay safe when we travel?
  • Will outdoors destinations be safer?
  • What about airplanes?
  • And (of course) what do I wear?

These are all common questions that we will be getting to the bottom of throughout this blog. Before we do, it would be important to note that traveling does not, in any way, trump your overall health. If you are high risk, or if the situation seems rather intense, DO NOT travel. Stay home… and buy our clothes 😉. No but really, stay healthy and stay safe. Although a vaccine may be in the near future, we cannot determine when it will appear, how effective it will be, how available it can be, and if the virus will not mutate. So, without further ado let’s get into it!

Where does one go?

               Well, honestly, you can go anywhere that allows, and makes sense with health restrictions. However, there is a specific plan that can be followed that can be fantastic for your wallet, and keep your health in check.

               As far as a destination, you can ride the wave, if you want: According to Trivago searches for domestic travel destinations have started to creep up in May – the trend – beach and sea destination domestically within the United States. Of those results, 70% had a click out (or interaction with) ocean facing states, while 11% were mountainous regions. Trivago continued their deep dive and pinned down some solid travel locations. According to that data, here are the top 10 destinations on their website:

  1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  2. Las Vegas, Nevada
  3. Panama City Beach, Florida
  4. South Padre Island, Texas
  5. Galveston, Texas
  6. Destin, Florida
  7. Orlando, Florida
  8. Cancun, Mexico
  9. Gulf Shores, Alabama
  10. New York, New York

               The safest bet is, most likely, sticking to the national travel attractions for the time being. Although we are sure you are itching to getting abroad, it may be the smarter, and safer choice, to stick to something a little closer to home.

How do we stay safe when we travel?

               One option is actually rather simple that most people probably don’t think about: renting (or buying) an RV. Taking an RV trip around the country actually limits your exposure to flying and staying in hotels where other people may be residing. Additionally, RVing around the country provides the opportunity to cut costs, with the flexibility of seeing/going anywhere or anything you really want. So, along with the freedom of traveling coast to coast on a whim, you get the safety of being confined (to some degree) to your RV.

               In addition to the above solution, if RVing isn’t for you, you would need to make sure you take the proper precautions when you start your adventure. The hotel industry, for the most part, should be adhering to common sense social distancing guidelines that strip the hotel of some amenities like: pools, spas, and buffets. However, if they are not, it’s best you avoid them; besides, you’re not really there to enjoy the hotel, you’re there to enjoy the destination… right? With hotels, make sure you try to find one that allows for a full electronic check in and out procedure so you can avoid additional interaction with hotel staff.

               When it comes to car rentals, the rental companies seem to have your back. Zipcar has added antiviral and antimicrobial solutions to their vehicles, Hertz injected a 15 step cleaning and disinfectant process, and Enterprise released a statement that they have undergone a revamp of their health measures including “vigorous cleaning and sanitation procedures”.

               If you’re flying, airports are already implementing a vast array of precautionary measures, which will vary. However, bringing a mask along, gloves, and maybe even our Face Shield Bucket Hats will help to reduce potential exposure. Keeping at least 6 feat away from others will also be essential practice.

Will outdoors destinations be safer?

               Potentially but not completely. Outdoor destinations do provide a large space to social distance. National Parks, for example, can really be of benefit to your travel cravings. These outdoor parks offer favorable weather conditions, air circulation, and proper distance to keep risk of infection low. Face masks will be needed, even if you don’t feel like wearing one in the outdoors, it will still help benefit those around you. If you need to use a public restroom at one of these locations – try to find alternatives – however make sure you bring hand sanitizer along with you on your journey as some of these bathrooms may lack soap.

What about airplanes?

               Well, if you must, according to Dr. Lin H. Chen of Harvard Medical School – plane travel may actually be rather safe. Dr. Chen states: “data to date suggests only rare possible occurrences of in-flight transmission occur and recommends that everyone follow WHO’s guidelines to further reduce transmission. Additionally, according to Joe Allen (who is an assistant professor and director at the Healthy Buildings Program) “Many people think they get sick on an airplane, but the reality is that the air quality on an airplane is actually really good—high amounts of clean outdoor air and all recirculated air passes through a HEPA filter.”

               But how will this travel change? Well, airports are now undergoing intensive cleaning, being fogged with electrostatic disinfectant that sticks hard to surfaces, and some even hand out disinfectant wipes. The TSA has also allowed for a larger size hand sanitizer that you can bring onto flights. You should expect to have a facemask on as a requirement to board most flights you will be on as well. Many airlines are doing fever checks even though this is not a national requirement. Some international flights may require proof of a negative COVID-19 test in order to fly.

What do I wear?

                Well, we highly recommend our clothing if you were to choose anything (obviously). If you must hit the pool you can try our swimwear for guys and girls. However, picking what to wear is essential for any occasion. Our most recent article depicts that COVID-19 is a relatively low risk to sticking to your clothing, so you can feel free to wear what every you like, or nothing at all and then you get arrested. Just make sure to dress appropriate, feel free to brows our catalog for ideas 😊

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