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Things are Heating Up this Summer

Well despite our rather long reprieve from blogging, not that we have enthralling content or anything that you would miss, we are back. No excuses, just honesty, we have been tied up in changing up our catalog offering. So, here we are yet again back to reality and trying to generate content that is worthwhile for our shoppers. So, we landed on a rather large, and controversial one: Climate Change. We all understand the climate is changing, the science is there. The point of debate, however, is what is affecting the climate. So, in this blog, we will uncover the facts that point us to the most plausible causation, and potentially, if we could, or for that matter should, be...

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The Evolution of Office Clothing

Why hello there ladies and gentlemen. Yes, we are well aware that it has been quite a long time since we ramped up one of our terribly exciting blog posts. We don’t really have any sort of great excuses to throw at the fact that we have been negligible in throwing one up. However, we would like to apologize to you and the Google SEO gods that we have been lacking in some blog content lately. Best excuse we can give is that we have been extremely busy these past few months making a lot of changes to our website, products, and processes to make them more favorable for you. We aren’t here to talk about all that though, and...

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Leggings & Yoga Pants: The True Takeover of America

Leggings… if there is one article of clothing that has literally invaded every crevasse of our daily lives, yoga pants would have to be it. No matter what direction you look on social media, on the street, grocery store, school classrooms, gymnasiums, or even out to breakfast; leggings can be seen worn nearly everywhere. One thing, in light of the spirit of the highly political season we seem to be in at the moment, it isn’t the republican party, nor the democrats that have panted America with their presence and influence, yes… it is the yoga pant. I would think also, that leggings have a much higher approval rating amongst the American public, both men and women, than either presidential...

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Hooded in History – The Hoodie

Whether you are Darth Sidious floating around the cold corridors of the Death Star (yes a Star Wars reference), an athlete trying to keep warm, recovering from a hangover from a rough Friday night, or just trying to go for a stroll around town everyone has come to know that the hoodie has become a welcomed, and loved, addition to their closets. No matter what you think about how hoodies (hooded sweatshirts, sweatshirts, or whatever else you would like to call them) look, no one can deny how comfortable and warm they are. Hoodies are a staple in our lives, wardrobes, and they come with a multitude of different options along with varying styles. Today, with this blog, we will...

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The Flannel Shirt: Everything You Need to Know

Oh yes! You know it, we love it, and it’s finally here. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it is flannel season! It may be our most favorite season of the year, but the flannel shirts are indeed back in action (like they ever weren’t). The lines, the plaid, the colors, comfort, perfection for the season’s elements and temperature; we just love everything about it! It’s just such a timeless classic, and yes falls into our coveted plain and bland clothing category because the flannel shirt is amazing without making a scene. We love everything about it. We know you do too. We know so much so that we decided to dive into a bit of research about where exactly flannel...

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